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Medicare is a leading dealer and exporter of quality medical products such as Laboratory & Scientific Equipments, Medical & Surgical Equipments, Physiotherapy Equipments, Hospital Furnitures, Wheel Chairs, Orthopedic supports, Surgical disposibles etc.

Medicare is a leading name among medical products suppliers in the UAE, supplying and exporting quality medical products such as Laboratory & Scientific Equipment, Medical & Surgical Equipment, Physiotherapy Equipment, Hospital Furnitures, Wheel Chairs, Orthopaedic supports, Surgical disposables, etc.

At Medicare, as one of the top medical equipment suppliers in Dubai, UAE, our mission extends beyond merely supplying medical products. We join the mission of the nation to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone. Medicare is committed to continuously expanding our offerings and services to meet the evolving needs of healthcare providers and patients alike. Being the leader in medical equipment trading in Dubai, we are relentlessly focused on innovation and quality, and strive to remain at the forefront of the medical equipment industry. Our partnerships with renowned companies across the globe enable us to offer an extensive range of cutting-edge medical devices and technologies. From state-of-the-art surgical equipment supplier to the best medical disposables supplier in Dubai, we stand high and ensure that our customers have access to the latest advancements in healthcare.

What sets Medicare apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. With extensive experience in medical equipment trading in Dubai , we understand that every healthcare facility and individual has unique requirements, and we tailor our solutions accordingly. Whether you're outfitting a hospital with essential equipment or sourcing specialized tools for a specific medical procedure, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

This, in the big picture, you could see Medicare General Trading as a medical products supplier in the UAE, or as a trusted partner in promoting health and enhancing patient care in the country. Trust us for all your medical equipment needs, as we strive to provide prompt and efficient delivery to comprehensive technical support in every step.


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We have the best heart sugerist and our hospital friendly environment to very helpful for patients recovery of their treatment.

The Best Medical Equipment Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Medicare stands out as the premier medical equipment supplier in Dubai, UAE, renowned for providing top-quality medical devices and equipment essential for healthcare. Their extensive range of products includes advanced diagnostic tools, cutting-edge surgical instruments, and durable hospital furniture. Medicare’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that healthcare providers have access to the latest technologies, making them a trusted partner in the healthcare industry.

Medicaregt: Leading Medical Equipment Trading in Dubai

As a leader in medical equipment trading, Medicaregt excels in importing, exporting, and distributing a diverse array of medical devices. Leveraging their extensive network and partnerships with global manufacturers, Medicaregt ensures that healthcare providers in Dubai have access to the latest and most reliable medical technologies. Their trading operations are characterized by efficiency, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality products.

Medicaregt: Top Medical Disposables Suppliers in Dubai

Medicaregt is also the top choice for medical disposables in Dubai, offering a comprehensive selection of single-use products designed to meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Their range includes gloves, masks, syringes, and wound care items, all trusted by hospitals and clinics for their exceptional quality and reliability. Medicaregt’s focus on providing high-quality medical disposables ensures that healthcare providers are well-equipped to maintain the highest standards of patient care.

Medicaregt: Premier Hospital Equipment Suppliers in Dubai

As the premier supplier of hospital equipment in Dubai, Medicaregt provides a wide range of essential products, including hospital beds, patient monitors, ICU equipment, and more. Their innovative solutions and advanced medical equipment are designed to enhance patient care and operational efficiency in hospitals. Medicaregt’s dedication to quality and customer service ensures that healthcare facilities are equipped with the best tools to deliver outstanding care.

Quality and Standards

Medicaregt’s products adhere to strict international quality standards and regulations, including ISO, CE, and FDA certifications. Their commitment to maintaining high standards is evident through regular audits and quality checks, ensuring that healthcare providers receive only the best equipment. This dedication to quality and reliability makes Medicaregt the top choice for medical equipment and disposables in Dubai.

Medicaregt’s reputation as the best medical equipment supplier, trader, and provider of medical disposables and hospital equipment in Dubai is well-deserved. Our comprehensive range of high-quality products, commitment to innovation, and exceptional customer service make them the preferred partner for healthcare providers in the region. With Medicaregt, healthcare facilities in Dubai are assured of receiving the best medical equipment and support, ensuring superior patient care and operational efficiency.